The pink hue of the sunset touches the ocean.
The sea is the world and the sands are my numbered days.
Each wave brought in fragments of sea shells.
The sands are my numbered days.

Then, an oyster washed up on shore.
It took hours to break away the layers, like peeling drywall with short nails.
You had your first taste of sunlight, but I didn’t deserve you.
The sands are my numbered days.

Your loneliness was the pearl in the oyster, crafted over years for perfection.
When I’m with you, I see fractured light instead of muddy water.
When I’m with you, I can breathe under water.
The sands are my numbered days.

Your love was as deep as the Mariana Trench.
My love was as deep as the safe shallows.
But with your lips on mine, years turned into the space of a heartbeat.
The sands are my numbered days.

Three months have passed since seventeen-year-old Destiny Aubrey was released from the clutches of the government. But once she’s just beginning to adjust to her normal life again, a new boy enters her chorus class. With strange wing-shaped markings on his face, a voice that left the choir instructor speechless, and golden eyes that never seem to leave hers, Destiny gets the feeling that things aren’t over. And the fact that she’s getting frequent visits from demons and other dark entities don’t make things any easier. There’s an explanation to all this, but it seems Jared isn’t telling her everything... And the answers she needs lies within enemy hands.

"We are excited and honoured to be working with Gabriella and 'Starlight'. At Grimbold Books, we look not only for amazing stories, but for passionate and talented individuals. Having worked and chatted to Gabriella at length about her ideas for the novel, it really promises to be something wonderful."

--Sammy H.K Smith, Grimbold Books





Destiny has always been a curious girl. But this time, curiosity takes a wrong turn in her life, setting her on the path of danger, jeopardy, and dark romance. Destiny has no idea that she's walking with a blindfold into this one and she's completely unprepared for the daring adventure set on the path ahead of her. After finding a Dark Angel shot down by government fighter-jets, Destiny begins to feel a strange tugging at her heart for Jared and before she could even decipher what is happening, they are falling for each other.

But it's not that easy. With unexpected enemies driving them away from home, they are on the run, fleeing from their pursuing penalties. As Destiny and Jared fight the agonizing conflicts to be together, little do they know that a solution with a dangerously powerful, satirical price is lurking within the shadows.

18-Year-old author and artist



Starlight is an upcoming fantasy zodiac novel. For more info on the book, click here!

About Gabriella

Gabriella Francis has been writing stories ever since she could pick up a pencil. She wrote her first novel when she was 12, and became published when she was 15. She currently lives in Florida, and is studying Animation. She will continue writing books and crafting new worlds for readers to escape to. She also hopes to work for Disney Studios one day.

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Season's End

Like the velvety, cold bit of Winter that puts me in an icy sleep…
Like the sweet release of Spring, putting my soul at ease…
Like the salty tang of Summer, and the harsh roar of a tiger…
Like the crisp breeze of Autumn, descending like a fallen eagle…
Like all the seasons manifested into one mind—one body—one soul…